On Tuesday 11th April we will host another queer edition of the Dikke Vinger support group!

What is it?

A support group for fat queers, where being fat & queer is nothing to be ashamed of.

Still, being fat & queer ain’t easy in a world that doesn’t really want you to be any of those things. Where do you find role models or style icons that look like you? What happens when your access to trans care is withheld on the basis of fatness? And how do you navigate the queer dating scene?

In this space we share what it means for us to be fat & queer*.

*queer, in this case, meaning: not cis and/or not straight


Date: Tuesday 11th April 2023
Time: 19.30 – 21.30 h (entry possible from 19 h)
Location: Queer Rotterdam, Zoutziederstraat 20

Unfortunately the location is not wheelchair accessible.


There is a limited amount of available spaces, so please register on time.

We find it important that our support groups are financially accessible to everybody, which is why this support group is free of charge.

Are you able to and do you want to donate? Any donation you make allows us to continue to organize support groups, workshops and other events.

After your registration you will receive an e-mail within the hour containing all practical information. This e-mail is also your personal entry ticket.

foto credits: unsplash - can we all go